Nice to meet you,
My name is Mike Westra

Welcome! To my personal blog and of course my website, Bromeo Design. I would like to give myself an introduction on who I am and what I stand for. In this blog I’ll tell everything about myself aswell my experience as an Graphic Designer, Webdevolper and Desktop Publisher.

As of 2018, I finnished my studies of becoming an Graphic Designer and Desktop Publisher. All within 5 years of studies. After my studies of becoming an artist I started looking for job. Within no time I started working for Chip Bizz as a designer and as a webdevolper. However, I had little experience in webdesigning, but Chip Bizz gave me the uppertonity to grow and made who I am now! I’m Mike Westra and I’m a Webdesigner!

Mike Westra

Mike Westra – “He’s pretty famous!”

As an artist, you got to have an project, which you are known for! Something that has been seen by the world. Something that makes you famous! Mine is the nationale Dutch Public Transport Chipcard (OV-chipkaart). This is an anonymous card which you can use to travel with the public transport in whole the Netherlands.

Chip Bizz is the distrubuter of the Anonymous OV-chipkaart and we got the oppertunity to use our own design! So know we roughly ship around 100.000 cards every month with my design on it. That’s what I call pretty famous.